Learn to see clearly

If your view of reality is skewed, every action you take will be less than optimal.

  • Question Everything.
    Most people believe a lot of things that range from not quite true to utterly false. Teach yourself to distinguish belief based knowledge from factual knowledge and everything in your life will become simpler.

  • Avoid Bad Assumptions.
    You can only make choices based on what you know, what you infer from what you know, and what you assume. Once you can distinguish knowledge from belief you can improve the choices you make by learning to make better assumptions.

  • Avoid Arguments.
    Most conflict in life starts in the form of an argument. Learn to avoid arguing with people and you will not only make more friends, you will learn more quickly and have lower stress levels.

Only once you start learning to see clearly will you be able to accurately weight risk vs reward and begin making optimal life choices.

Provide For Yourself

If you think you need to earn more in order to live better then perhaps you haven’t looked closely enough at what is important.

  • Distinguish Needs From Wants.
    If you confuse what you actually need with what you want then you are probably mis-allocating your resources and making it so that you must earn more just to get by.

  • Learn to Budget.
    Allocate what you have as it comes in. Cover your needs before your wants. Build up a safety net. Start setting aside monies needed to reach long term goals. Budgeting will let you pick your path.

  • Build Your Knowledge.
    The more you can do yourself, the more choices you have when deciding how to meet your needs and solve your problems. Become self sufficient and you can choose whether to hire things done or do them yourself. This can save you more than you might imagine.

Learn to provide for yourself well and you will be able to start focusing on the things that matter to you.

Defend yourself

If you cannot defend yourself, eventually someone will come along and take what you have.

  • See clearly.
    Without being able to clearly, not only will it be almost impossible to make an optimal response when faced with an aggressor, you will often be your own worst aggressor.

  • Move past fear.
    If you are governed by fear then many optimal solutions to problems will remain beyond your reach. Shed your fear and your possible actions in life open up significantly.

  • Learn physical self defense.
    Sometimes the need for physical self defense can be avoided entirely. For those times when it cannot, getting healthy, staying fit, and learning a bit of close combat will go a long ways. Learn proper use of a side arm to level the playing field further.

  • Learn legal self defense.
    It doesn’t matter how good your physical self defense is if you don’t know how to defend yourself in a court of law. In most first world countries more lives are ruined via legal systems than via physical violence.

Once you know how to defend yourself properly, your available options in most situations will increase.

Take Action

Having the knowledge to be able to see reality clearly, provide for yourself, and defend yourself is not worth much if you don’t put it to good use by doing something with it.

  • Working Together
    Some things are more easily done with a small group than by oneself. When starting something new, consider whether or not to invite others you know to help. If you are in my neck of the woods and could use a hand with something, consider getting hold of me via one of the social networks that I frequent or contact me directly.

  • Knowledge Sharing
    Knowledge is Power. If you know of a good resource related to something I talk about, feel free to let me know. If I like what you share I’ll make note of it here.

The more control we take over our own lives, the brighter our future will be.