Please note that this site is run by shiver an An-archist.

Not guns and bombs

Those are the tools of archs/governments (monarchs, plutarchs, oligarchs, and others who claim to be masters over those near them).

Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and Voluntary Interaction

An-archist means no masters, not the chaos that comes from the might makes right attitude of archs.

I’m not really sure how they have managed to turn the meaning completely around in most peoples minds… but if your gut reaction to the word An-arch is a bad one chances are good that you have the meaning switched with arch/government.

Real anarchists are generally friendly and helpful.

I can rule myself. You can rule yourself. If we want, we could even voluntarily interact.

Cognitive Dissonance

You might see some off the beaten path thoughts here.

If they scare you or make you angry you are probably feeling the effects of cognitive dissonance. Take a deep breath, realize that my words aren’t attacking you, and think on what I say and you might find something of value here.

Cognitive dissonance is pretty common in people who went to government run schools for any amount of time.

Questions and Discussions

Oh… and feel free to ask questions and/or discuss things.

I always love a good discussion… unless, of course, you are one of those hired by the archs that goes about trying to make anyone that speaks the truth look insane. If you are one of those guys, feel free to leave.

Hate what I write?

It is just my opinion, shared freely for those that are interested.

If you can’t stand what I write you can leave at any time. Cool?

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