Is learning the process of law dangerous?

If you start educating yourself about law, you will soon run into many who will claim that simply learning about law is dangerous.

They are not wrong, though they too often fail to state clearly who such knowledge is dangerous to and why.

Dangers to those learning law

Simply learning how law works (even if you don’t use it) can be dangerous to your world view.

If you attempt to apply what you learn foolishly, it can be very dangerous to you.

If you attempt to apply what you learn wisely, it can be very dangerous to those that would rule you, which in turn makes doing so very dangerous to you.

Any way you look at it, learning law truly is dangerous.
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Maxim of Law: Qui tacet consentire videtur

He who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able to do so, is taken to agree.

Objections are fundamental to the process of law.

If you…

  • don’t know when to object,
  • don’t know what to object to,
  • or fail to object in a timely manner…

then you are assumed to be in agreement with what was said.

Even if you do object, your objection can be treated as never having happened if you don’t know how to force your objection to be acknowledged on the record.

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Circular key hole garden progress – Jan 22nd 2017

The weekend of Jan 22nd I was mostly focused on covering the remaining beds that had been leaf mulched and digging the center circular path down everywhere.

As of the end of the day my supply of ten cubic yards of good top soil had pretty much run out. Of course, my supply of good garden area has increased significantly. Now these gardens just need to sit for a while until it is time to plant them.

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Trumps Wall – Right idea, wrong place

Whether you love him or hate him, I think Trump has stumbled across a way to make the country a much better place.

Most people I run across in this country would love things to get better, whether they believe the new boss is better/worse than the old boss or not.

Since we (and our children, and theirs, etc.) will be paying for any such wall built, why don’t we build it somewhere where it will make a difference for future generations?
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Our circular key hole garden is starting to take shape

For the past few years I’ve been tinkering with gardening. This year, I’ve decided that rather than wait four more years until we potentially move I might as well do it right.

I also intend to see how much of a difference solar mass heating will make by using stone path ways and a perimeter stone and cob wall once the garden is completed.

I started this project the first weekend of December… and since that day have spent the majority of most weekends digging out the garden.

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