Provide For Yourself

If you think you need to earn more in order to live better then perhaps you haven’t looked closely enough at what is important.

  • Distinguish Needs From Wants.
    If you confuse what you actually need with what you want then you are probably mis-allocating your resources and making it so that you must earn more just to get by.

  • Learn to Budget.
    Allocate what you have as it comes in. Cover your needs before your wants. Build up a safety net. Start setting aside monies needed to reach long term goals. Budgeting will let you pick your path.

  • Build Your Knowledge.
    The more you can do yourself, the more choices you have when deciding how to meet your needs and solve your problems. Become self sufficient and you can choose whether to hire things done or do them yourself. This can save you more than you might imagine.

Learn to provide for yourself well and you will be able to start focusing on the things that matter to you.