Learn to see clearly

If your view of reality is skewed, every action you take will be less than optimal.

  • Question Everything.
    Most people believe a lot of things that range from not quite true to utterly false. Teach yourself to distinguish belief based knowledge from factual knowledge and everything in your life will become simpler.

  • Avoid Bad Assumptions.
    You can only make choices based on what you know, what you infer from what you know, and what you assume. Once you can distinguish knowledge from belief you can improve the choices you make by learning to make better assumptions.

  • Avoid Arguments.
    Most conflict in life starts in the form of an argument. Learn to avoid arguing with people and you will not only make more friends, you will learn more quickly and have lower stress levels.

Only once you start learning to see clearly will you be able to accurately weight risk vs reward and begin making optimal life choices.