Law Overview


  • Not Legal Advice
    I am not a lawyer. My writings are not legal advice. Even if stated as fact, everything I say is the product of my own research, study, and experience… and should be treated as the opinion that it is.

  • Use this information at your own risk.
    Governments love nothing less than uppity citizens that use the law to defend themselves… excepting perhaps rich citizens that either avoid taxes or move out of the country. Until you know what you are doing, use your knowledge of law with great caution.

  • Wade before you Swim
    When you are ready to start testing your knowledge, start in the kiddie pool (non-criminal local ordinances, school district policies, etc.), not the shark infested deep end (tickets, taxes, and anything else that feeds the powers that be) unless you are willing to spend serious time in a federal prison. You were warned.

  • Work In Progress
    This page is a work in progress. As I get more written items currently in italics will become links.

The Basics

  1. The dangers of learning law
  2. Why you should learn law
  3. The purpose of law and it’s types
  4. The difference between lawful and legal
  5. How to read law
  6. How to find controlling law
  7. Readings on Common Law

Lawsuit Basics

  • Causes of Action – The right to sue
  • Jurisdiction – The right of the court to hear a case
  • The Record – Getting evidence in and setting up appeals
  • Motions – Moving the court to do what you want it to do
  • Objections – Control the record and object to underhanded actions

Civil Process (Overview)

  1. The Complaint – Starting a lawsuit
  2. Responding to a Complaint
    • Motions instead of filing an answer
    • Answering the Complaint
  3. Discovery
    • Requests for Admission
    • Requests for Production
    • Interrogatories
    • Depositions
    • Common Discovery Motions
  4. Trial
  5. Appeal

Criminal Process

Until I get done writing about de jure process (Civil Process), I am going to avoid writing too much about the corrupted process (Criminal Process) that is all too often used to legally conduct crimes against the general populace.

As far as I’m concerned, criminal process is the process used to conduct crimes against the people, not the process used to bring suit against criminals.

This is because all real crimes can be pursued via Civil Process.

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